Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Speed limits for Landrovers

I was driving up to Glasgow today and as I approached the airport, I slowed down to 40mph. Now why would you think I would do that? Could it be because that's the new speed limit there? Correct. I know this because there are loads of signs everywhere and I'm so clever I can actually read them! It makes sense to slow down anyway because the lanes are much narrower and more winding than they used to be. Anyway the guy behind me apparently couldn't figure out why I was going at 40mph and obviously couldn't read. He came up so close I thought he was attached to me. That irritated me but when he started flashing me I was sorely tempted to do something that would have been very wrong. Therefore I didn't :-) Instead I just made doubly sure I was not going the slightest bit over 40mph which, judging by the quick glance I had at his face, made him almost apoplectic with rage. Angry man in big, bad gas guzzling landrover - not a pretty sight.

But wait till you hear this. We reach the 60mph zone and I do what any normal person would do (if the conditions are right - and they were) and speed up to 60. Now that DID make him apoplectic judging by the contortions on his face. Like I said, not pretty Mr Landrover Driver and completely unjustified seeing as I was going at 40 in the 40mph zone and 60 in the 60mph zone. He then sped up to whatever speed which was breaking the law but I guess that'll be my fault an' all. Anyway just a little trivia in the midst of all this by election fever. Speaking of which - must go!

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