Tuesday, 29 July 2008

All the world's a stage ...

What I love most about the SNP's spectacular by election victory last Thursday is the fact that it's made headlines across the world. My favourite has to be The Sun's "Gordi's been Glasgow kissed" but there were some other interesting articles as follows:

Par example this, en France.

This was the New York State of Mind.

"Schock fur Brown" is how it was described in Deutschland.

And the reports from Down Under.

"Humiliation" according to this Spanish newspaper.

Fox News picked up on it too.

"Labour in freefall" as far as the Swiss are concerned.

"A bleak weekend for Blair" according to reports in New Zealand.

Scotland has "dealt Brown a blow" according to Boston journalists.

Finally, not speaking a word of Italian, I have no idea what this says but I did recognise the word Glasgow ...

Talking of recognition and Glasgow, who in the world would have cared far less noticed if Labour had won? Nobody gets excited about more of the same and we only ever seem to make people sit up and take notice when we start standing up for ourselves and voting SNP. They can't even use the argument any more that people are voting for the opposition because we're halfway through an electoral term. They can't use that argument because the SNP is NOT the opposition in Scotland, it's the government. Scotland has much to offer the world and the world is watching and waiting with interest - let's not let them or ourselves down any longer!

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