Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Trivia and Susannah

I rarely watch TV these days. I got out of the habit in Sri Lanka and for the last month of course it's just been by election all the way so the only things I've watched have been the news and political programmes and even then, I missed half of them. So, tonight, I was looking forward to watching some trivia. Until I watched it that is.

Honestly what are these people Trinny and Susannah all about? They devoted an hour to a programme that helped shopaholics shop a little less and shopaphobes shop a little more. Now we're not talking about shopping to feed starving children or anything important, instead we're worshipping the act of clothes shopping. There were women crying and saying they couldn't bear to shop - here's my solution, don't bloomin well shop then! Go online, buy out of a catalogue or just make do with what you've got.

Worst thing though was that they used a neurosurgeon who attached something to each shopper's head to measure their emotions when shopping. That told the ones who hated it that they weren't happy. It also told the one who loved shopping that, in actual fact, she wasn't happy. She says she is but the skull cap with the electrodes says different! What a waste of the neurosurgeon's time - he could be off saving someone from a brain tumour instead of waffling on about this nonsense.

Aaaargh, that's it, no more TV for me. There will be no trivial pleasures left at this rate, I can't even enjoy magazines these days. What's happened?! Oh, and that has just reminded me that I DO have something worth doing. I bought a copy of Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song today. Not read it since I was 16 but a quick glance reminded me how easily I can get lost in this book. So that's exactly what I'm going to do - I'm off to get lost!

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Fraser said...

Hi Anne,

I emailed your address but don't know if you'll look at this over the weekend. Can you check it, or give me a phone? If I'm out, leave a message with your number.