Sunday, 20 July 2008

Progressing into the wrong constituency

Opinion polls. Interesting gauges of public opinion. Predictable sometimes, unfathomable at others. Rarely accurate predictors. But generally speaking, they give a flavour of the thoughts and feelings of a cross section of people. The opinion poll that came out the other day showing Labour to be a fair bit ahead of the SNP in Glasgow East was from Progressive Scottish Opinion. Now I won't argue that their methodology is confused and therefore it's wrong. Nor will I suggest that the fact they're not listed as members of the British Polling Council makes their work unreliable. Instead I will make this assertion and I will make it confidently:

Any polling company that conducts its Glasgow East opinion poll in the neighbouring RUTHERGLEN constituency is, as my dad would have said, FULL OF TUMSHIES!!!

Yes, it's true. SNP councillor Gordon Clark, who lives in Rutherglen, called me at Campaign HQ the other night to tell me he'd just been asked by PSO how he was voting in the Glasgow East by election. The caller was heard to tell his supervisor that he had hundreds of 0141 647 .... numbers to call. Anyway, there is only one poll that counts and that is the one taking place this Thursday. Speaking of which, better get back to work ....


wisnaeme said...

As an ex SNP HQ member years ago, I wish John Mason and yourselves all the very best.

Recently I have donated to the SNP and reapplied for membership.

Not that I've been idly unemployed in the last 11 years in the wilderness, you'll understand. My support of SNP policies and aspirations continued. Indeed, I've been rather actively engaged in causing mischief and pain to New Labour carpetbaggers and privateers.* With some success, I might modesty add.

Good luck to you all and here's hoping that the Labour cabal receives another skelpin.

Regards, Tom.

* see George Monbiot's book "Captive State", chapter 2 and other chapters for reference.

Indygal said...

Brilliant news that you've rejoined, I understand we've a lot of new members in recent years and a lot of rejoining members. And good to see you've not been hiding :-)