Saturday, 19 July 2008

Nicola Sturgeon is NOT 40!

Here's me last night with my good mates James Dornan and Nicola Sturgeon. On my previous blog, I had a commenter getting very upset that I referred to Nicola as a good friend - on the grounds that I was name dropping. I guess now that James is a councillor that's name dropping too lol.
Anyway, today is Nicola's birthday and I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday and tell you all that she is NOT 40. I was entertaining myself today by telling the hundreds of members who came out to help in the Glasgow East By-Election that it was her 40th. She is in fact 38 and looking very good on it I think.
At the end of the campaigning day today we had curry and other international dishes for our members (food from Sri Lanka, The Congo, Pakistan, India and Mexico) served outside in the lovely sunshine.
Nicola had just left to go to a meeting when Alex Salmond told me to call her back but not to let on why. When she returned Alex had primed the members and we immediately began singing Happy Birthday to her. She'll forgive us eventually ... anyway it was a great end to a fantastically positive day's campaigning and it was a very happy crowd of SNP members who left here today. Talking of which, time to go home!

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