Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Labour Lie - for today

Couldn't believe how daft Margaret Curran was on two counts today. First, her "challenge" to John Mason to debate live with her on TV. Well, of course he'll do it, we have nothing to hide and it gives us the opportunity to show a wider audience that John is clearly on their side. So she throws down the gauntlet, John says no problem, bring it on, to coin a recently made famous catchphrase - could it be that the former government minister reckons she can out-debate John Mason who is but a lowly councillor? Let's just wait and see shall we? I know who my money's on and it's not the rather confused Mrs Curran. Which brings me onto the lie. IMAGINE saying LIVE on TV that you've lived in the East End of Glasgow all your life when you have actually lived for quite some years in a rather nice district on the South side! What on earth was she thinking of? If this is how it's going to continue, I'll be happy!

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