Saturday, 12 July 2008

Fantastic Saturday campaigning

Can't tell you how good today was. I can't tell you because it was indescribable but also because I am too tired. I'm sure every person in this photo will sleep soundly tonight - it's been a long day. (More pics here btw.) But when several hundred of your fellow members are out campaigning across the constituency it certainly gives you a good feeling.

It all ran like clockwork. From 10am members were in and out delivering leaflets and putting up posters (pity whoever has to take them down because there are thousands!) And from 11 onwards we'd teams of members canvassing right across the East End.

So at lunchtime we thought it only right to give them a little break. Many of them came back for our BBQ and "rally" where Alex Salmond and John Mason addressed the crowds. We were then treated to a performance by Laura McGhee, a singer/ songwriter/ musician from Glasgow who is a big supporter of the Party.

And after that? Back out to work. One member said to me tonight that he drove round the constituency this morning and EVERY SINGLE street corner had people with SNP carrier bags - a military operation he called it.

That's exactly how it feels - like a military operation with a regiment of dedicated footsoldiers :-) Tonight, they'll be footsoldiers with very sore feet I'm sure.

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