Saturday, 5 July 2008

Too tired to tango

But not quite too tired to blog. The reason I'm tired is because I'm working full time as the campaign co-ordinator for the Glasgow East by election - for the SNP obviously. There's not much time for sleep and absolutely NO time for daydreaming which is always more troubling for me. Not this time however. I am loving every single minute of the campaign. I emailed members today and asked them to eat, sleep and breathe the Glasgow East by election and that's what myself and everyone else in the campaign team and in the local branches has been doing since Monday. It's been fantastic so far and today was an incredible day. We'd hundreds of members out campaigning across the constituency (including Alex Salmond, above) despite the torrential rain. They were drookit but they didn't care. They'd come back for more work and after a quick cup of tea they were right back out again. Anyway it was a great day and we're all going to sleep well tonight before getting up early tomorrow to start again - we've little more than two weeks to get our sensational victory so there will be no rest for the foreseeable future ...

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