Monday, 28 July 2008

Total Politics? Not in Scotland.

Someone emailed me today to say they were voting me no 1 in the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging to be published soon. Happy was I although I do realise I need more than one vote! My smile soon disappeared when I read the introduction which said the book will be on sale on the exhibition stand TP is taking at the party conferences of Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems, the Green Party and the TUC. What about the SNP? Why on earth would you go to every major party conference (and one not so major) but ignore the conference of the party that is in power in Scotland? Do we have to wait for Independence to be taken seriously or even acknowledged by these people? It's a shame because SNP conferences are very well attended and as anyone who reads blogs knows, we probably blog more than any other party in the country so I would have thought it worth their while to be there.


Iain Dale said...

We will be attending the SNP and Plaid conferences in the Spring. We thought long and hard about coming to your October conference but we don't have the resources to do more than we are at the moment. You will be pleased to know that Alex Salmons is our feature interview in the October issue and will be on the cover.

Iain Dale
Total Politics

Indygal said...

Good good, just a typo then :-) I'll forgive the other one too and ye'll be made very welcome next Spring :-)