Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Northern Irish Accent

My sis's friend Doreen was travelling to Port Glasgow with her family from her home in Ballymena today when she called my sister and said that her husband said:

"we're in Norway"!

"What?"! asks my sister.

"We're in Norway" repeats Doreen.

"What on earth are you doing in Norway?" exclaims the sis.

"No, Janet, we're AN HOUR AWAY" replies an exasperated Doreen. Just thought I'd share it with ye all :-)


Stephen Glenn said...

Sher de craic wa gerd

Stephen Glenn said...

Translation: I positive that atmosphere was ammenable to all.

Literally: I'm sure the craic was good.

Indygal said...

LOL - were you reading my blog anyway Stephen or do you have a google search on Northern Irish Accent lol? And yes, the craic wa gerd as ye say!!

Stephen Glenn said...

Bout ye, I keep an eye on your blog ;) Have to say when I saw the title in another of the blogs feeds it definitely caught my attention, shall we say.