Monday, 7 July 2008

Rock on Tommy

Yuk, I hated that catchphrase - was it Cannon & Ball - couldn't stand them. They made me laugh not once AND the one with the curly hair nearly crashed into me in Blackpool once. However right now, when time is of the essence I couldn't think of another headline for my once in a lifetime praise for Tommy Sheridan. He's just been asked on Newsnight Scotland who he wants to win the Glasgow East by-election and he's been honest enough to say his party is fighting for 3rd place and they want the SNP to win. Excellent. I take back all I said the other day - what was I thinking believing the Daily Record?! Fair enough, Solidarity is still fielding a candidate but I would not criticise that. I have been in the SNP for more than 20 years and I remember days when almost every seat was unwinnable to us. I gave short shrift to anyone who suggested we shouldn't stand because we couldn't win. People have to have the right to vote for what they believe in. The problem I had with Tommy himself standing was that he has an incredibly high profile and would have taken more votes than any other candidate from his party. Anyway he obviously read my blog, had second thoughts and sought a way to make recompense. Endorsing the SNP for a win has gone some way toward doing that! Having said that ...... isn't THIS just so typical and so funny?

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