Friday, 11 July 2008

SNP canvasser gets more than he bargained for!

This is Fraser, a smart kind of a guy, early 30s happily married to the lovely Maddie. So you can imagine the shock he felt tonight when he was out canvassing the Glasgow East by-election (for the SNP obviously) and was propositioned by a female voter! She invited him in and answered his questions for him. When he was finished, he was about to stand up and leave when he heard her say "would you like to take your shoes off and make your way up to bed now?"! The way Fraser tells it time stood still, he held his breath wondering how to get out of there without having to take off his shoes or go anywhere near the bedroom but without losing her vote at the same time. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. "What on earth is going on?" he wondered before heaving a sigh of relief to discover a child, balancing on Fraser's shoulder while he took his shoes off before making his way to bed. It's like nuggets like that, that make it all so much fun!

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Tartan Hero said...

Brilliant.. one for the all-time campaign scrapbook!