Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Elaine's a (Mary) doll!

Elaine C Smith was out on the campaign trail in Glasgow East yesterday - supporting the SNP obviously. We went to the same drama school, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama, a few years apart. It was funny to chat to Elaine and discover we had very similar experiences at the RSAMD - and we shared our likes and dislikes of lecturers :-) We compared notes and yes, the same one who was the king of conceit in Elaine's day had not improved any by the time I met him. And the one who peered down the top of the girls' leotards hadn't calmed down any, I was able to tell her. Anyway it was great to meet Elaine and more importantly, the voters loved her and listened when she told them she'd be voting SNP.

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by_elections said...


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I have just found your blog with its great coverage of the Glasgow East by-election.

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Would it be possible for you to help us archive the leaflets from Glasgow East?

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I look forward to your coverage of the result.